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Where is my library ?
Last Updated 9 years ago

Sometimes the user receives a complaint from ROOT saying that libAlibavaRoot is nowhere in the path. 

There are various reasons for that.

One is that the folder where has been installed is not in the list of folders that the system believes can contain shared libraries. By default alibava-gui is installed in /usr/local and therefore the library should be in /usr/local/lib. If the library is there and ROOT complains, then your problem can be solved by adding /usr/local/bin in your definition of the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

It may also happen that root was not installed in your system or the heuristics of configure could not manage to find where ROOT is installed in your system. If you are planning to install root from scratch we would recommend that you use the ROOT package distributed with your Linux distro.
  • Fedora has the root package and a collection of sub packages. You can install it with 
    sudo yum install root
  • Ubuntu has the root-system package that you can install with
    sudo apt-get install root-system
If root was not there, and you have installed it in way way or another, then you can re-build libAlibavaRoot by going to the root_macros folder and typing

make -f UserMakefile 

and if everything went all right then

make -f UserMakefile install

If you had ROOT installed in a folder that configure could not find when installing alibava-gui, then you should run the or this root.csh (depending on the Linux shell you are using) and then follow the two steps described in the paragraph above.

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